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Travelling is one of the best activities that people engage in for several reasons. There are times when either your pals or your significant other might be busy but you still want to take a trip overseas. You ponder on this very question – Should I cancel the ticket and hotel reservation or go ahead with my plans to visit overseas.The good news is that there are advantages of travelling alone. Yes you read it correctly. You need to love yourself and unleash your immaculate potential. Give yourself some – “me” time to develop your interpersonal skills. Read through a number of the benefits to travel solo:

1) Flexibility – You are liberal to opt for what you wish to try, wherever you wish to travel, what you wish to shop for or eat when you are alone. This is often not the case after you have a travel partner as you wish to confirm that you simply act according to their wishes.

2) It’s easier to meet locals – When the locals see a single person they are often more generous, protective and helpful. One is more approachable as people from both the gender are less hesitant to ask you to join them for a mealtime or going for a film. You get to make new friends from different backgrounds and way of life.

3) Confidence – Moving solo permits you to overcome your fears and conquer them. When you take an unaccompanied trip the first time you might be a timid, very careful and even anxious. However, as the trips increase the confidence build up and you take risks that help you have fun.

4) Eating Well – You can try the dish of your choice without anyone stopping you. Moreover you are stress free because there is no argument between you and your friend or you and your significant other. You are the decision maker and do not have to select the dish keeping your travel partner’s choice in mind.

5) Self-discovery – Everyone has the right to be happy and explore themselves. You might get an answer to a question you have always been wondering about or you might feel light as you are free from any burden or you discover the ways to be happy in any circumstance.

Here are a few things that would help you when you travel sole when you visit overseas:

1) Go to open places or crowded ones during the day and especially at night.

2) Your body language should tell the other person that you are smart, intelligent and positive.

3) Try to adapt to the countries accent. It will help you to communicate better with the locals.

4) Book your hotel online or in advance to avoid sleeping on the railway platform or streets.

5) Research about the way of life of the natives of the country you wish to visit overseas.

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