Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the globe’s topmost financial centers. This beautiful region also has one of the highest per capita incomes in the whole world. Due to these and certain other equally important factors Hong Kong immigration makes much sense, and is widely made use of by the enterprising migrants from across the world.Banking, insurance, telecommunication, information technology and tourism are the major service industries where a majority of the population in Hong Kong is engaged. Taking special note of the tourism industry, a significant portion of the economy’s revenues is generated from it.
Hong Kong truly stands as an Asian leader in many industries, especially finance and information technology. Factors like strong work ethic, advanced technologies, business-oriented environment are undoubtedlymaking this city a prime choice in the continent for every entrepreneur to spread or set up a business. It is a dream country that offers great job opportunities for skilled professionals. For sure, this is one country that one can make his/her permanent home and an ideal place to bring up family in!
Hong Kong’s economy is characterised by free trade, low taxation and minimum government intervention. It is the world’s 8th largest trading economy, with the mainland of China as its most significant trading partner. Hong Kong is also a major service economy, with particularly strong links to mainland China and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region.
• Currency: Hong Kong dollar
• GDP: HK$2,144.6 billion (2014)
• GDP per capita: HK$310,113 (2014)
• Real GDP growth: +3.7% (2014)
• Labour force: 3.886 million (2014)

At the south-eastern tip of China, Hong Kong covers Hong Kong Island, Lantau Island, the Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories, including 262 outlying islands. Between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula lies Victoria Harbour, one of the world’s most renowned deep-water harbours.
• Total area: 1 104 square kilometres
• Land developed: less than 25%
• Country parks and nature reserves: 40%
Hong Kong’s population was approximately 7.24 million in 2014. People of Chinese descent comprise the vast majority of the population, with foreign nationals comprising 8%.
• Population density: 6 650 people per square kilometre
• Crude birth rate: 8.6 per 1000
• Percentage of population Chinese descent: 91%
• Other significant national groups
• Philippines (168 850 total)
• Indonesia (165 170 total)
• India (28 920 total).

Chinese and English are the official languages of Hong Kong. English is widely used in the Government and by the legal, professional and business sectors. Trilingual professionals who speak English, Cantonese and Putonghua play a vital role in the numerous enterprises trading in Hong Kong or doing business with mainland China and Taiwan.

Hong Kong, a Special Administrative region of China, is remarkably a beautiful nation situated in Asia. The country is pretty famous for deep and outstanding natural harbor. Hong Kong is also one of the prominent immigration destinations across the world that tempts dozens of people from all over the world to migrate to Hong Kong. Globalization has directed to an apparently everlasting trend of migration of populace across the globe, which includes worldwide movement of extremely skilled employees, including researchers, nurses, specialists, business executives, intra-company transferees and managers.
Low tax rates:
The major benefit of Hong Kong immigration is, it boasts of an extremely free economy and the tax rates in this country are pretty less. There is also no legacy tax.
Lawful society:
Hong Kong is a legal country, which assures to offer certain human rights and safeguard of private property and human rights. Thus, a number of overseas nationals prefer to migrate to Hong Kong.
Robust economy:
Hong Kong has emerged as an economic hub, offering enormous employment and business opportunities to the people. It is one among the most dynamic and open economies around the world.
Hong Kong Residency:
Immigration to Hong Kong entitles the individuals to the residency in a swifter and easier manner. The immigrants need only few months to apply for the residency status.
Free education:
The country offer education without any charge for the immigrants children. After shifting to the nation, migrants’ children can benefit from completely free education for a period of nine years.
Sincere Government:
Hong Kong government is resourceful and honest and it is also known for its unmatched service to the community, regarding the public beliefs, defending public interests. The positive aspect of the state is another benefit of Hong Kong immigration.
Remarkable Habitation
Hong Kong boasts of an extremely flourishing material and spiritual civilization with a high quality of life, even as all this makes the country as the very best city for immigrants.
Affordable cost of Living
The cost of living in Hong Kong is very low, the cost of food, travelling, medical, telecommunication and entertainment is comparatively affordable when compare to other leading immigrations destinations. This another main reason for Hong Kong immigration.
These are the some of the major benefits of Hong Kong immigration. The country also welcomes overseas skilled individuals to migrate and work in Hong Kong in order to boost the country economy and meet the labor market needs. Hong Kong QMAS visa is one of the best option to migrate to Hong Kong.

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